Incyte™ Chip Estimator Starter Edition offers you the ability to save IP of interest to an IP List, and then easily export the list of IP to be explored in a chip estimation with InCyte. The concept is similar to a "shopping cart", but in this case you are opting to explore the IP in the context of your chip plan. See sample IP List (Links to example of an IP list)

Building an IP List

The process for building your IP List is outlined below.

  1. As you search IP, add IP of interest by adding to an IP list. Click the "Add to My IP List" button on the IP information page to add IP of interest to your list.
  2. Continue adding IP to your list until ready to estimate your chip.
  3. Click the "Export My IP List to InCyte" button that is found on the My IP List page. Your browser will automatically download an InCyte project file which you can save to your local system.
  4. Launch InCyte; load the project file from within InCyte by going to the Project > Open pull-down menu. Need to download InCyte? Click here.
Build your semiconductor design IP list and easily export it to be explored in a chip estimation

Search IP and start building your IP List now!

Changing an IP List

IP lists can be cleared or changed at any time by deleting items from the list or changing quantities of specific IP components.

IP Vendor Data and IP Lists

On the My IP List page, you will be notified if the IP you've chosen is exportable to the InCyte chip estimation tool. Some IP vendors haven't provided the necessary technology data for their IP offering; in this case you will be notified that their IP is not exportable and the IP vendor will be notified that a user has requested to export their IP.


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