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  • Delivering Ultra-High Throughput Networking Security - Technical and Business Considerations for Hardware IP Design
  • Tuesday April 08, 2014 — INSIDE Secure Corporation
  • In any chip development cycle, the product management and development teams must make decisions regarding the challenges the product design brings with it, and the impact those challenges will have on the company's development schedule and financials. To best do that, the product and development managers must assess the availability of internal design resources, the desired product performance, the availability of intellectual property, and still other factors to complete the project on time and within budget. This white paper will examine these issues when assessing the development of a scalable network security processor that can handle security protocol data streams of up to 40 Gbits/s.

  • Mobile Multimedia & Communications IP Solutions
  • Monday March 03, 2014 — Imagination Technologies
  • PowerVR has established itself as the developer's de facto standard across smartphones, tablets, mobile computing and games consoles, attracting an extensive community of adopters and powering iconic and much-loved products. Our partners are now delivering the most comprehensive range of solutions, from low end to high end, that truly can enable any phone or tablet device to have PowerVR, the leading GPU technology. Imagination is driving mobile and embedded graphics performance to reach across the full range of smart mobile consumer devices, from mass market to high end in an era of ubiquitous mobile multimedia. Coupled with our Ensigma communications and Meta general purpose processing IP (intellectual property), we can offer a complete range of solutions to extensively address the needs of an ever growing electronics market.


  • CDN LIVE Conference
  • Moore's Cycle, Fifth Horseman, Mixed Signals, and IP Stress
  • IP Insider Blog-By John Blyler
    Posted 3.23.2013
  • What do all of these things have in common? They were key topics addressed by Cadence...