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intoPIX enables its customers with leading-edge JPEG 2000 image compression, security and hardware enforcement IP-cores for audiovisual markets. Their implementation in the latest generation of FPGA & ASIC chips provide today's highest quality, most flexible and cost effective handling tools for high throughput data streams.

intoPIX cores are dedicated to Digital Cinema, Broadcast, Post-Production, Archiving, Wireless, Medical, Aerospace and any other Audio-Visual applications where image quality is a crucial asset.

Founded in 2005, intoPIX is an independent image technology company which benefits from world-class expertise and knowledge in image processing, cryptography and micro-electronics. Our wide range of IP-Cores features JPEG 2000 encoders and decoders, video and network interfaces, multimedia and encryption functions, memory controllers, and more. Evaluation boards are also available to demonstrate the functionality of our cores and facilitate product integration.

Located in Belgium, intoPIX is present at key locations around the world with subsidiaries in Japan and the USA. Thanks to its first-class and recognized expertise in image technology & micro-electronics, the intoPIX team can guarantee a top-notch quality of product and support to every customer. At intoPIX, we know how to provide you IP-Cores that work.


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