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Ultra Low Power CoolFlux DSP Cores

The CoolFlux DSPTM is an ultra low power (ULP) programmable synthesizable core optimized for audio. Targeted products include headsets, hearing devices, portable audio players, mobile phones and embedded SoC Audio subsystems in general. This C-language friendly DSP core combines ULP with low gate count and good performance and comes with a productive software development tools suite. CoolFlux DSP is part of a global technology licensing program from NXP Semiconductors, resulting in a well-supported DSP platform and ecosystem. Next to NXP companies like Renesas and other global top semiconductor companies use CoolFlux DSP as well as system companies as Cochlear and Phonak amongst others. An extensive library of Application Software modules are available too such as many codecs and sound and radio processing functions.

Building upon the success of the CoolFlux DSP, NXP also licenses a DSP core for ULP Software Defined Radio (SDR) & Wireline Baseband Signal Processing (CoolFlux BSP), having extended the classic CoolFlux DSP core with instructions for complex arithmetic, Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) parallelism and Viterbi and FFT instructions. Targeted applications are basebands such as for WiMAX, 4G-LTE, DAB, Power Line Modems etc.


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