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If you want to achieve silicon success, let Cadence help you choose the right IP solution and capture its full value in your SoC design. Cadence(R) IP solutions offer the combined advantages of a high-quality portfolio, an open platform, a modern IP factory approach to quality, and a strong ecosystem.

Now you can tackle IP-to-SoC development in a system context, focus your internal effort on differentiation, and leverage multi-function cores to do more, faster.

The Cadence IP Portfolio includes silicon-proven Tensilica(R) IP cores, analog PHY interfaces, standards-based IP cores, verification IP cores, and other solutions as well as customization services for current and emerging industry standards. The Cadence IP Factory provides you with an automated approach to the customization, delivery, and verification of SoC IP. As a result, you can spend more time on differentiation, with the assurance that you'll meet your performance, power, and area requirements.

Choosing Cadence IP enables you to design with confidence because you have more freedom to innovate your SoCs with less risk and faster time to market.

Jim Hogan, Vista Ventures. SystemC Day, DVCon 2011. ChipEstimate.TV

Jim Hogan, Vista Ventures. SystemC Day, DVCon 2011. ChipEstimate.TV. --Verification (VIP), SoC IP



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