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Building a Smarter Planet relies on masses of data garnered from an instrumented, interconnected world. From mobile phones to utility meters to artificial hearts, today's products are smarter. As the planet relies more and more on these intelligent, interconnected devices, their performance, reliability and efficiency become paramount.

IBM semiconductor technology is at the heart of countless smarter products, providing the billions of transistors embedded in devices big and small, that make goods and their users, more digitally aware and interconnected.

IBM's SOI technology can provide significantly higher chip performance improvement and extraordinary power reduction compared to standard bulk silicon technology, and is used today in applications ranging from servers to game consoles.

Jim Hogan, Vista Ventures. SystemC Day, DVCon 2011. ChipEstimate.TV

Jim Hogan, Vista Ventures. SystemC Day, DVCon 2011. ChipEstimate.TV. --Verification (VIP), SoC IP



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