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Common Platform 2013, Jim Hogan interview on ChipEstimate.TV

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Jim Hogan, managing partner, Vista Ventures

Innovations for Next Generation Scaling
Common Technology Platform, Uncommon Solutions
Technology Pioneer, Beyond HKMG Technology
Partnering for Innovation to Drive Diversity

Sean O'Kane, Executive Director, ChipEstimate.com, Host, ChipEstimate.TV

The Common Platform Alliance - IBM, Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd., and GLOBALFOUNDRIES - continues to redefine the landscape of the semiconductor industry with its groundbreaking collaboration. Showcasing the latest technological advances being delivered to the world's leading electronics companies.

Keynote Speakers:
• Bruce Kleinman, Vice President, Product Marketing, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
• Mike Cadigan, General Manager, IBM Microelectronics, Systems &Technology Group
• Dr. Gary Patton, Vice President of Semi Research & Development Center, IBM
• Mike Noonen, EVP, Global Sales, Marketing, Quality & Design, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
• Dr. KH Kim, EVP, Foundry Business, Samsung
• Dr. Dipesh Patel, EVP, and General Manager, Physical IP Division, ARM

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