May 10, 2022
CMOS Compatible MTP in Advanced BCD Applications

For computing devices today, power is a critical issue. Analog or Mix-mode IC designers are no longer just making power converting chips like AC-DCs and DC-DCs. Instead, they must deal with whole power transfer and management systems. The power systems must provide stable, efficient, and intelligent power supplies. Furthermore, the footprint of the power system may need to be compact enough to fit inside a portable device.

The most popular countermeasure for these power management systems is producing power-related chips on a BCD process platform; the platform must have reliable embedded... more >>
Mixel MIPI D-PHY, C-PHY, and M-PHY are silicon-proven and available now. more >>
Frac-N, LC clock multiplier PLL with frequency spreading and ultra-low jitter. more >>
D-PHY CSI-2 RX+ 1.5G for Automotive Applications
from Mixel
MIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Combo IP 4.5Gsps/4.5Gbps in...
from Mixel
USB 3.1 PHY IP...
from T2M
Wi-Fi 802.11 ax /Bluetooth LE...
from T2M
DVB-S2X Modulator ASIC or FPGA - Global IP Core
from Global IP Core
DolphinWare Verification Ips
from Dolphin Technology
Floating point adder
from Dolphin Technology
TSMC CLN28HPC+ 28nm DDR 4/3 PHY - 3200Mbps
from True Circuits
RT-640 Embedded Hardware Security Module (ASIL-B Certified) by Rambus
TSMC CLN7FF 7nm Clock Generator PLL - 800MHz-4000MHz
from True Circuits
Optional extension of NPX6 NPU tensor operations to include...
from Synopsys
JPEG codec IP core, Complies with the JPEG baseline standard.MAX...
from Shikino High-Tech
Superfast 8/12bit JPEG and Lossless JPEG codec IP core, 4K...
from Shikino High-Tech
Complete end-to-end security solution to supply,...
from Secure-IC
O-RAN Fronthaul Transport Subsystem from Comcores
Enhanced Neural Processing Unit for safety providing 8,192...
from Synopsys
CCSDS AR4JA LDPC Decoder and Encoder - Global IP Core
from Global IP Core
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Leading edge ADC/DAC IPs

ESD Clamps available with low (
from SOFICS - Solutions for ICs
Mixel MIPI C-PHY and D-PHY Combo from Mixel
from Digital Blocks
TSMC CLN7FFLVT 7nm Ultra PLL - 15MHz-3250MHz
from True Circuits
MIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Combo IP 4.5Gsps/4.5Gbps...
from Mixel
Low Power Single Port SRAM Compiler with Row/Column...
from Dolphin Technology
Enhanced Neural Processing Unit for safety providing 8,192...
from Synopsys
Wide-band Analog-to-Digital Converter from T2M
Low Power, Low Jitter, General Purpose Fractional Frequency...
from Silicon Creations

MACsec solution for 5G transport network security
* Multiple Connectivity Associations (SecYs)
* PTP-TSU for IEEE 1588 packet protection
* SW tool for MACsec Key agreement Protocol
* Targets ASIC and FPGA more >>
USB 3.0 PHY IP Cores in 16FFC process technology with High-performance...
The USB 3.0 PHY IP Cores transceiver is optimized for low power consumption and minimal die area without sacrificing performance and high data throughput.
HDL Design House at ChipEx2022
Come to meet HDL Design House, to have a chat with them and find out how they can help You with SoC Design & Verification!
Silex Insights eSecure Root of Trust is now supporting ZAYA...
Silex Insights advanced eSecure IP module, including security boot, sensitive key material and asset protection, is a complete solution that enables security...
The 59th Design Automation Conference Returns with a Strong Technical...
Keynote Speakers include experts from AMD, Cadence Design Systems, Perceive and the cole Polytechnique Fdrale de...

Arasan Announces its eMMC 5.1 Total IP Solution...
It is seamlessly integrated with Arasan eMMC 5.1 Host Controller IP and the software stack providing customers a Total eMMC 5.1TM IP Solution on the 5nm process.
Mixel silicon-proven MIPI IP integrated into ams...
Mixel provided ams OSRAM with the Mixel MIPI D-PHY CSI-2 TX+ IP, which enabled ams OSRAM to achieve first-time silicon success.
Cadence Ushers in New Era of Performance and...
Next-generation, high-order flow solver delivers up to 10X the accuracy of standard flow solvers
Rapid Silicon Licenses AndesCore D45 with DSP/SIMD extensions and...
The superscalar 8-stage D45 RISC-V Core will be hardened and embedded into an FPGA to provide a full-speed CPU.
Sondrel Deploys Arteris IP for Next-Generation Multi-Channel Automotive...
FlexNoC supports the ability to design the NoC to match the performance of IP blocks to ensure that data flows at the right speed in, out and around the SoC.
Synopsys Named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for...
As the speed and complexity of development increases and the occurrence of high-impact application security breaches becomes more frequent, security and...
VeriSilicon Joins the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express Industry...
Membership will drive VeriSilicons industrialization of chiplet-based projects and support aim of becoming a leading provider of commercialized chiplets...
Highly scalable and flexible silicon proven Security IP for embedded systems
All the turn-key solutions are compliant with most common industry standards (NIST and others). IP integrators can benefit from decades of experience in security ASIC and FPGA design. The security platforms and solutions include flexible and high-performance crypto engines which are easy to integrate. more >>
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