April 26, 2022   
Key Hardware IP Enables the Software-Defined Vehicle
Tim Messegee
The evolution of automobiles to software-defined vehicles has entailed the deployment of semiconductors which enable some of the most complex electronics seen today. In the past, vehicle electronics implemented flat architectures with isolated functions controlling various components of the power train and vehicle dynamics. These electronic systems communicated primarily through legacy bus interconnect protocols, like controller area network (CAN) and media-oriented systems transport (MOST) technologies.
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HDL DH FlexIP cores library:
JESD204B Tx, Rx
VbyOne IP core more >>
Imagination's CXT GPU IP: The first mobile GPU core with ray tracing more >>
D-PHY CSI-2 RX+ 1.5G for Automotive Applications
from Mixel
MIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Combo IP 4.5Gsps/4.5Gbps in...
from Mixel
Superfast 8/12bit JPEG and Lossless JPEG codec IP core, 4K...
from Shikino High-Tech
DVB-T2/T Demodulator and Decoder IP (Silicon...
from T2M
14b-4.32Gsps ADC IP from T2M
Complete end-to-end security solution to supply,...
from Secure-IC
O-RAN Fronthaul Transport Subsystem from Comcores
Enhanced Neural Processing Unit for safety providing 8,192...
from Synopsys
Low-Latency Multi Rate SerDes PHY for multi protocol application by EXTOLL
Enhanced Neural Processing Unit providing 98,304 MACs/cycle...
from Synopsys
GF L12LLP 12nm Clock Generator PLL - 500MHz-2500MHz
from True Circuits
TSMC CLN28HPC+ 28nm DDR 4/3 PHY - 3200Mbps
from True Circuits
CCSDS AR4JA LDPC Decoder and Encoder - Global IP Core
from Global IP Core
LCD/OLED Advanced Display Controller (AXI4/AXI3...
from Digital Blocks
MACsec Engine from Comcores
Scalable Ultra-High Throughput DSC 1.2b Encoder
from Alma Technologies
Scalable Ultra-High Throughput DSC 1.2b Decoder
from Alma Technologies
Always-on Voice Activity Detection interfacing with analog microphones
from Dolphin Design
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The mmWave ASIC Enabler
Robust OTP, MTP, Security IP
Custom IO/ESD solutions
The IP Boutique



MIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Combo IP 4.5Gsps/4.5Gbps...
from Mixel
M31 USB IP for Host and Peripheral Application
from M31 Technology Corporation
TSMC CLN7FF 7nm Clock Generator PLL - 800MHz-4000MHz
from True Circuits
Voltage Monitor with Digital Output, TSMC N7 from Synopsys
IGAPLLX01A, TSMC CLN7FF General Purpose PLL from GUC
Process Detector (For DVFS and monitoring process variation),...
from Synopsys
TSMC CLN7FFLVT 7nm Ultra PLL - 15MHz-3250MHz
from True Circuits
Speedcore IP is embedded FPGA (eFPGA) that can be integrated...
from Achronix Semiconductor Corp.
Ultra High Density, 8nm/11nm channel length, 57nm poly pitch...
from Dolphin Technology
USB3.2 Gen-1x1 PHY dual-role
from M31 Technology Corporation
Highly scalable & ?exible silicon proven Security IP for embedded systems used in the connected world of the IoT. All turn-key solutions are compliant with most common industry standards (NIST and others). more >>
16G Multiprotocol Serdes IP Core with different Interface protocols for...
The 16G Multiprotocol SerDes PHY IP Core supports PCIe 4.0, JESD204B, 10G ethernet, rapid IO, and CPRI protocols.
Cadence Ushers in New Era of Performance and Accuracy for Multiphysics...
Next-generation, high-order flow solver delivers up to 10X the accuracy of standard flow solvers
Synopsys Named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for...
As the speed and complexity of development increases and the occurrence of high-impact application security breaches becomes more frequent, security and...
Rapid Silicon Licenses AndesCore D45 with DSP/SIMD extensions and...
The superscalar 8-stage D45 RISC-V Core will be hardened and embedded into an FPGA to provide a full-speed CPU.

MACsec solution for 5G transport network security...
There is an increasing interest in MACsec protocol as a security solution to protect 5G infrastructure networks such as the O-RAN Fronthaul.
Silicon Creations Engineering Team Completes...
This engineering certification will enhance the companys support of automotive customers and augment previously certified engineering staff.
2021 Phil Kaufman Award Ceremony and Banquet...
The Phil Kaufman Award honors individuals who have had a demonstrable impact on the field of electronic system design through technology innovations,...
Arteris IP FlexNoC Interconnect and Resilience Package Licensed in...
The goal of the project is to develop an accelerator chip for high-end deep learning applications that is a leap forward in terms of energy efficiency, reliability, robustness...
VeriSilicon Joins the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express Industry...
Membership will drive VeriSilicons industrialization of chiplet-based projects and support aim of becoming a leading provider of commercialized chiplets...
SmartDV Expands Executive Team With McKenzie Ross as Vice President of...
Redoubled Focus on Branding and Marketing Strategy Will Fuel Companys Continued Growth
M31 Speeds Delivery of Silicon IP by 5X Using the Cadence Library...
Cadence solutions are production-proven, empowering the M31 engineering team to provide accurate, high-quality silicon IP to their customer...
Alma Technologies Launches Scalable Encoder and Decoder...
Fully compliant with VESA DSC 1.2b and backwards compatible with DSC 1.1
Achieve dramatic functional verification productivity improvements with Avery Design System’s comprehensive and robust suite of industry leading VIP and complimentary solutions for emulation, prototyping, hardware/software co-verification to accelerate time to market and ensure functional correctness of your designs. more >>
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