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Rambus is one of the world's premier technology licensing companies specializing in the invention and design of high-speed chip interfaces. Since its founding in 1990, the company's innovations, breakthrough technologies and integration expertise have helped industry-leading chip and system companies solve their most challenging and complex I/O problems and bring their products to market. Rambus' interface solutions can be found in numerous computing, consumer, and communications products and applications. Rambus is headquartered in Los Altos, California, with regional offices in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Bangalore, India; Taipei, Taiwan; and Tokyo, Japan.

4453 North First Street, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95134
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About the Author

Tim Messegee

Tim Messegee is the Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Rambus. He has over 30 years of electronics industry experience having also served in leadership positions at Prysm, Agilent Technologies and Hewlett-Packard. He graduated with a BSEE from the University of Virginia and an MBA from San Jose State University.