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PUFsecurity is a subsidiary of eMemory. We are devoted to innovating PUF-based security solutions. By leveraging the technical knowledge and industrial expertise of eMemory, including core IPs NeoPUF and OTP, we developed a series of security solutions that combine both digital and analog capabilities. With these IPs as the root of trust for security applications and qualified manufacturer platforms, PUFsecurity offers solutions with better performance and cost-efficiency. We believe that embedded hardware security will be widely adopted in this connected world.

8F, No. 5, Tai-Yuan 1st St.
Jhubei City, Hsinchu County 302082
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About the Author

Dr. Meng-Yi Wu

Dr. Meng-Yi Wu is the director of R&D at PUFsecurity. He was an employee at eMemory from 2007-2018, with over 15 years of experience in embedded Flash, OTP memory and PUF (Physical Unclonable Functions) technology development. He currently leads the R&D department of PUFsecurity, focusing on research in memory, PUF and hardware security functions. In 2018, Dr. Wu received the ISSCC 2018 Takuo Sugano Award for inventing NeoPUF and is the owner of over 200 patents and 10+ papers in the semiconductor field.