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Silex Insight provides Embedded Security solutions (Hardware Root of trust), cryptography IP (AES, Public key, TRNG...), Audio/Video over IP solutions and ultra-compact Video Compression IP (JPEG2000, JPEG, VC-2 LD, MPEG…). We also provide high level FPGA, Embedded software and board design services. Our products and design services are recognized in many markets: IoT, automotive, datacenter, broadcast, Pro AV, defense, printing, healthcare... Next to the compression algorithms, we have developed competences around the network transport of the compressed video stream. Thanks to our strong expertise in hardware design and video compression/transport, we deliver OEM solutions to transport audio/video over IP network. Our silicon-proven encryption IP cores and embedded security solutions (RoT, crypto processor, AES, Public Key, Hash…) are valued for their ultra-high-speed performance and compact footprint.

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Jon Jacobsen is Marketing Director at Silex Insight, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsorships.

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