June 21, 2022
The Evolution of Neural Processing for Embedded Applications

Gordon Cooper
It's been ten years since AlexNet, a deep learning convolutional neural network (CNN) model running on GPUs, displaced more traditional vision processing algorithms to win the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Competition (ILSVRC). AlexNet, and its successors, provided significant improvements in object classification accuracy at the cost of intense computational complexity and large datasets. In other words, it took a lot of data movement and a lot of multiplies and accumulations to achieve this record-breaking accuracy. In the academic community, the rush was on to improve neural network optimization techniques to increase accuracy and performance while minimize power and area efficiency for practical applications. more >>
VIP and verification solutions for CXL, PCIe, HBM3 more >>
Frac-N, LC clock multiplier PLL with frequency spreading and ultra-low jitter. more >>
VeriSilicon Bluetooth Dual-Mode (BTDM)...
from VeriSilicon
VeriSilicon 802.11ah RF IP
from VeriSilicon
ST 6-bit, 20 GSPS Analog to Digital Converter IP block
from Alphacore
CCSDS AR4JA LDPC Decoder and Encoder - Global IP Core
from Global IP Core
TSMC CLN7FF 7nm Clock Generator PLL - 800MHz-4000MHz
from True Circuits
TSMC CLN28HPC+ 28nm DDR 4/3 PHY - 3200Mbps
from True Circuits
1G-16G SerDes IP, Supports (Silicon Proven in TSMC...
from T2M
11nm Samsung I/O Library from Certus Semiconductor
Wi-Fi 802.11 ax /Bluetooth LE...
from T2M
DVB-S2X LDPC Decoder ASIC or FPGA - Global IP Core
from Global IP Core
HDMI 2.1 Forward Error Correction (FEC) Receiver from Rambus
HDMI 2.1 Forward Error Correction (FEC) Transmitter from Rambus
Path Margin Monitor IP
from Synopsys
ISP (Image Signal Processor) with the minimum...
from Shikino High-Tech
H.265/HEVC 422 10bit Decoder for 4K
from Techno Mathematical Co., Ltd.
H.265/HEVC 422 10bit Encoder for 4K
from Techno Mathematical Co., Ltd.
QOI Lossless Image Compression Core from CAST
QOI Lossless Image Decompression Core from CAST
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Customizable SoC IP

ARM Approved Design Partner

Leading edge ADC/DAC IPs
Edge AI/ML accelerator

SDRAM DDR4/3/2 & LPDDR4/3/2 Hardened PHY - TSMC 16FFC,FF
from Dolphin Technology
SmartDV's eDP Receiver IP
from SmartDV
LVDS Transceiver IP - Designed for TSMC 130nm from Mixel
Ethernet TSN MAC 10M/100M/1G/2.5G,...
from Comcores
Programmable CMOS LVDS Transmitter/Receiver
from NTLab
Reduced Gigabit Media Independent Interface from Mentor
MIPI DSI Transmitter Controller
from L&T Technology Services
Ethernet MAC 40G/100G, a complete IEEE 802.3 Ethernet...
from Comcores
MIPI CSI-2 Receiver Controller
from L&T Technology Services

IMG RTXM for real-time applications: the first RISC-V Catapult CPU from Imagination. A highly scalable, 32-bit design, it’s ideal as a helper core for complex SoCs and for markets such as 5G modems. more >>
Cadence RFIC Solutions Support TSMC N6RF Design Reference Flow
Cadence and TSMC collaborate on N6RF design enablement to accelerate innovation in mobile, 5G and wireless applications
Synopsys Boosts 5G SoC Development Productivity with New RF Design...
With High-Quality, Tightly Integrated RFIC Design Products from Synopsys, Ansys and Keysight, Flow Facilitates Power and Performance Optimizations...
CAST and Fraunhofer IPMS Mark 20-Year Partnership with Product of the...
The quality and utility of the teams work were recently recognized by Elektronik Magazine, which awarded the EMSA5-FS Functional Safety Embedded RISC-V...
SmartDV Charts Course Toward Chiplets, Joins Universal Chiplet...
Semiconductor IP Provider Seeks Chiplet-Driven Partnerships Among UCIe Members and Beyond

OpenFive Joins Universal Chiplet Interconnect...
OpenFive brings depth of chiplet ecosystem experience from multiple customer engagements
Wi-Fi 6 (AX)/BLE/15.4 22nm Combo RF IP Core,...
The Wi-Fi 6 (AX) + BLE v5.3 + 15.4 Combo RF Transceiver IP Core is fully compliant with Wi-Fi Alliance IEEE 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) standard, IEEE 802.15.4 standard...
CEVA Expands Sensor Fusion Product Line with...
The FSP201 combines CEVA's award-winning proprietary MotionEngine sensor processing software - that has powered more than 250 million devices to date - into...
IntoPIX Teams up With Nextera and Adeas to Participate in Live IPMX...
Demos include the new IPMX FPGA design jointly developed with Nextera/Adeas and the new intoPIX Titanium AV-over-IP software
Kandous USB4 Retimer Shipping in Five of Top Six PC OEM Products
Broad Customer Adoption Highlights Kandous High-Speed Signaling Leadership
Everspin to Showcase New STT-MRAM Products at Embedded World 2022...
The EMxxLX STT-MRAM supports the Expanded SPI (xSPI) interface and offers an unprecedented 400 Megabytes per second of read and write bandwidth.
Alchip Technologies Offers 3nm ASIC Design Services
Targeting Q1 23 Test Chip
Member Achievements, Contributions Recognized at Ninth Annual MIPI...
Membership awards presented for exceptional work advancing MIPI specifications for mobile, IoT, automotive and other applications
Silicon Creations provides world-class silicon intellectual property (IP) for precision and general-purpose timing PLLs, SerDes and high-speed differential I/Os. The company’s IP is in production from 5 to 180 nanometer process technologies. With a complete commitment to customer success, its IP has an excellent record of first silicon to mass production in customer designs. more >>
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