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Nestwave provides advanced, IoT geolocation solutions to modem and DSP vendors enabling high performance, low power location capability at a fraction of the cost of dedicated GNSS / GPS positioning chipsets. Nestwave\'s patented, hybrid-signal technology significantly improves localization accuracy in challenging indoor and dense urban environments while greatly reducing power consumption compared to existing solutions.

About the Author

Rabih is the head of technology and system architecture, designing and developing Nestwave's ultra-low-power indoor/outdoor geolocation solution for the Internet of Things (IoT). He has more than 25 years of experience in the wireless industry at companies such as Sequans, Qualcomm and ArrayComm, designing and architecting solutions for 3G, 4G and UWB systems. He also co-founded Softwave Wireless which developed a wireless network planning tool and was recently acquired by a major player in the Silicon Valley. Rabih is an inventor on more than 30 patents issued and pending.