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  • HuMANDATA Launches Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA Board
  • Osaka, Feb 22, 2012 - HuMANDATA LTD, a manufacturer of various FPGA/CPLD boards in Japan, today released the ACM-108 series of FPGA board powered by Altera Corp.'s Cyclone IV GX FPGA (EP4CGX50CF23C8N or EP4CGX110CF23C8N or EP4CGX150CF23C7N).

    HuMANDATA's ACM-108 series is equipped with the Altera high-spec Cyclone IV GX FPGA on a compact, 43x54mm PCB. The module has a configuration device, on-board oscillators, user switches and LEDs. It operates with only 3.3V power supply, and has an on-board 2.5V, 1.8V and 1.2V voltage regulators. The ACM-108 series also provides 128 user I/Os, which are divided into two I/O banks.

    HuMANDATA's ACM/XCM series boards are designed on the same PCB size and connector layout, making it easy to swap boards try a new FPGA/CPLD. The ACM-108 series is RoHS-compliant and is designed for lead-free soldering.

    • Altera Cyclone IV GX (EP4CGX50CF23C8N or EP4CGX110CF23C8N or EP4CGX150CF23C7N)
    • DDR2 SDRAM (Micron: MT47H64M16HR-3, 1 Gbit)
    • Configuration Device (Altera, EPCS64)
    • 128 I/O, two 80 pin HIROSE connectors
    • Separated CNB VCCIO for variable I/O standard
    • On-board Oscillator, 30MHz and 50MHz
    • External clock inputs through user I/O connector
    • On-board ALTGX reference clock, 125MHz
    • Two User Switches (Push x1, Slide x1)
    • Two User LEDs
    • Two Status LEDs (Power, Done)
    • Power-on Reset IC for FPGA configuration
    • JTAG port (10 pin socket) for ByteBlaster [MV/II] and USB Blaster
    • 3.3V single power supply operation with on-board 2.5V/1.8V/1.2V regulators
    • High quality eight-layer PCB (Immersion gold)
    • Compact size (43x54mm)
    • Tested all I/O
    • RoHS-compliant
    • Made in Japan

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    HuMANDATA LTD is a manufacturer of various FPGA/CPLD boards as well as electrical equipment in Japan. Established in July 1990, the company can supply superior products with short lead-time, and can produce various kinds of products in small lots. For more information, please visit

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