September 11, 2007   
Common Platform IP Portal Launched
IBM, Chartered and Chip Estimate this week announced the launch of the Common Platform IP Portal at where you can find a comprehensive catalog of all IP supporting Common Platform manufacturing technologies. Visit the Common Platform IP Portal now at
ARM VLS210 PHY for PCI Express Gen 1 applications. Designed for...
from ARM
DesignWare PCI Express PHY (PCIe) (Common Platform 65nm G)
from Synopsys
DesignWare SATA PHY (Common Platform 65nm LP) from Synopsys
UMC L90GOD 0.09um Low Bandwidth PLL - 125MHz-625MHz
from True Circuits
CP L65LP 0.065um - 104MHz-520MHz from True Circuits
ARM VSL220 PHY for XAUI and related applications. Designed for...
from ARM
Full chip, configurable ESD protection design kit with GDSII,...
from Sarnoff Europe
Full chip, configurable ESD protection design kit with GDSII,...
from Sarnoff Europe
ASAP High Density Two Port Register File (Common Platform...
from Virage Logic
PCI 2.2 compliant TX/RX for pad limited or core limited footprint
from Mixel
10-bit 200 MHz 2.5 V Current-Steering Triple Video DAC
from ChipIdea
10-bit 80 MHz 1.2V IQADC
from ChipIdea
ASAP High Density Dual Port SRAM (Chartered 130nm LV)
from Virage Logic
Configurable Reed Solomon FEC Erasure Encoder/Decoder for...
from Amethyst
Reed Solomon High Speed FEC Encoder/Decoder for GF(256)
from Amethyst


Predictable Success
New IP by Tech Node

A sharp rise in 65nm IP is apparent over the last 3 months as IP suppliers address this emerging market. Statistics gathered from IP suppliers based on new IP added to the catalog.

Our PLLs and DDR DLLs are high-quality, low-jitter, silicon-proven hard macros. Immediate delivery in a range of sizes and functions in TSMC, UMC, CHRT and Common Platform processes from 180nm to 55nm. Visit the timing experts at

IPecosystemTM: Assessing Risks and Hidden Costs
By Lisa Tafoya
VP Global Research

Much has been debated in the press recently about the future of the semiconductor intellectual property (IP) business model. Among the issues cited as most dire are revenue models and quality. Revenue models are directly linked to a company's long-term competitive business strategy, and the ability to earn revenue and be profitable in the IP business is obviously based on the quality and performance of the IP.

1024 Point Block Based FFT,IFFT
from Conexant
8-1024 Point FFT,IFFT from Conexant
WLAN MAC 802.11 a/b MAC (Station and AP) from MindTree Consulting
10 Bit 80 MSPS Pipeline ADC
from Silicon & Software Systems (S3)
Embedded NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) for trim, configuration,...
from Kilopass Technology
Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000
from Arasan Chip Systems
Bluetooth Baseband IP
from RF Micro Devices
10-bit 80 MHz 1.2V IQADC
from ChipIdea
MPEG-4 Audio from Thales
12 Bit 80 MSPS Current Steering DAC
from Silicon & Software Systems (S3)
CHRT L013HP 0.13um Clock Generator PLL - 420MHz-2100MHz
from True Circuits
USB Full Speed OTG Controller
from Mentor
H.264 Video Decoder (AVC/MPEG-4 Part 10) from Conexant
10-bit 150MHz 2.5V Pipeline ADC
from ChipIdea
Multiprotcol Parallel IO
from Analog Bits
ARM1176JZF-S processor core with cache from ARM
House passes Patent Reform Act of 2007
The U.S. House of Representatives has voted in favor of the Patent Reform Act of 2007, a bill that aims to minimize patent litigation by making it harder to claim IP...
MediaTek buys ADI's wireless chipset biz for $350M
Confirming nearly two months of industry speculation, MediaTek has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to buy Analog Devices Inc.'s wireless chipset...
Intel upgrades Q3, makes ground in China, divests certain comm assets
Stealing some thunder from AMD's long-anticipated quad-core Barcelona launch, the chip giant started the week with its own fanfare by upgrading its Q3 guidance,...
Arrow, IBM team for chip design, manufacturing
Arrow's custom logic portfolio expands through the addition of IBM foundry services.
Legal analysis: Seagate decision and willful infringement
The Seagate decision casts aside a bit of the arcane mystery of patent law and replaces it with a bit of straight-forward thinking.
Lenovo regains 3rd place in Q2 iSuppli PC supplier rankings
Lenovo has regained from Acer the third place spot in iSuppli's latest rankings of PC suppliers; its victory is set to be short-lived, however, as iSuppli said that Acer's...
The race for seamless connectivity
Vendors and carriers look to the unlicensed mobile access spectrum to bridge the gap between home, mobile and office voice and data communications around the globe;...
Software defined silicon startup secures $16M in funding
Bristol, England-based software defined silicon chip creator XMOS Semiconductor has secured $16 million in a Series A of venture capital funding.
Fairchild sells RF assets for $2.3M
Fairchild Semiconductor has sold assets of its RF group to Anadigics Inc. for $2.3 million.
High-mix, low volume: Primed to buy, sell, merge or acquire?
Our expert offers a checklist of 10 questions you need to ask about your business to get the most value out of M&A-either as buyer or seller.
Freescale hires former AMD sales chief
Freescale Semiconductor has announced the hiring of Henri Richard, the recently-departed former chief of AMD's sales and marketing, to head up its sales and...
Broadcom claims appeals court victory in Qualcomm antitrust suit
A federal appeals court has reversed a district court's dismissal of Broadcom's antitrust claims against its rival Qualcomm, reinstating two of the original eight claims and...
ChipMOS Taiwan presses patent infringement charges
ChipMOS Taiwan, a majority-owned subsidiary of test and assembly player ChipMOS Technologies Ltd., has filed a lawsuit against Walton Advanced Engineering for the...
AMD to lose another sales, marketing exec
Less than two weeks after the company's worldwide sales and marketing chief announced his departure from AMD, Rick Hegberg, AMD's senior VP of worldwide...
Ranked as the fastest growing security IP vendor by Gartner, Elliptic provides middleware and semiconductor IP cores for secure communications ranging from low power to multi-gigabit designs. DRM solutions include mobile handsets, personal media players and set top boxes including OMA and WMDRM. For virtual private networking applications, Elliptic offers solutions for IPsec, SSL and SRTP. Wireless security cores include designs for WiMAX,Wi-Fi and 3G networking. more>>
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