August 26, 2008   
The Impact of the Changing Semiconductor Landscape on Third-Party IP Suppliers
By Walter Ng
Vice President
There is no question that 32 nanometer is fast becoming a reality, and it is no longer a distant point on a technology roadmap. Were past the discussions and debate on how the industry will technically reach that next node (we are splitting atoms after all). Through innovation, invention in materials science and equipment, collaboration, and enablement the industry will make the next node work once again. more >>
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MIMO WiFi and WiMax AFE platform in 65nm from Cosmic Circuits
ESD protection cells for USB (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) applications - 130nm...
from Sarnoff Europe
ESD protection cells for HDMI applications - 130nm Tower
from Sarnoff Europe
Hi-Speed USB UTMI-Based Peripheral Transceiver IP
from VeriSilicon
Math Coprocessor from CAST
80186XL-Compliant Chip Replacement 16-bit...
from CAST
MIPI SLIMbus Verification IP - Comprehensive Test Environment...
from Arasan Chip Systems
MIPI CSI VIP - MIPI CSI Verification IP - Comprehensive Test...
from Arasan Chip Systems
T8051 - tiny 8051 ISA-compliant IP core from Evatronix
10-bit 80MSPS IQADC in 65nm
from Cosmic Circuits
SMIC 0.13um 3.3V/1.2V Power on Reset from VeriSilicon
Mobile DDR Memory Controller
from Uniquify
DDR3 Memory Controller IP
from Uniquify
Verification IP for PCI Express I/II
from Denali Software
LongRun2 Power Management Controller. from Transmeta
LongRun2 Bias Voltage Generator.
from Transmeta
The T8051 is a very low gate count, single-chip 8-bit microcontroller...
from Evatronix
9ps Jitter Programmable PLL TSMC 65nm LP
from Silicon & Software Systems (S3)
PCI Express 1.1 PHY from Phylinks
OFDM baseband transceiver supporting either 802.11 or...
from Bluespec
Most Viewed IP Vendors Q2 2008

Chipidea/MIPS and Synopsys are still leading the top IP vendors by number of IP components visited at this quarter. CAST and Arasan are also up in the rankings alongside ARM, thanks to popular product offerings.
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MIPI D-PHY - Source Synchronous Marco for MIPI DSI, CSI and UniPro
from Arasan Chip Systems
MIPI D-PHY running at upto 1Gbps
from Mixel
10-Bit 1 / 2 Programmable Vpp Input 160MSPS 1.2V Supply...
from Alpine Integrated Circuit...
10 Bit 30 MSPS Dual Pipeline ADC
from Silicon & Software Systems (S3)
CHRT L013N 0.13um Deskew PLL - 60MHz-300MHz from True Circuits
LongRun2 Power Management Controller. from Transmeta
Integrated suite of advanced power management, leakage control and...
from Transmeta
Phase Locked Loop (PLL) frequency multiplier core, fully digital...
from CologneChip
H.264/MPEG-4 video decoder capable of 1080p at 60 fps....
from Bluespec
LongRun2 Power Management Monitor Block. from Transmeta
TCI PLLs and DDR DLLs are high quality, low jitter, silicon proven hard macros. They are available in TSMC, UMC, CHRT and Common Platform processes from 180nm to 40nm. Visit the timing experts at
Sumit Sadana resigns Freescale post
Marking the third high-level executive resignation from Freescale since February, Sumit Sadana, senior VP of strategy and business development, gave notice that he will...
Broadcom acquires AMD DTV business for $192.8M
Broadcom Corp today announced it will pay $192.8 million to acquire AMD Inc's digital TV (DTV) business, stating plans to make the unit the center of its existing DTV line.
Siemens buys digital engineering software vendor
Siemens boasts that its acquisition of innotec makes its industry automation group the first industrial equipment provider able to offer all sectors of the manufacturing and...
Intels Rattner: technology will bring man, machine closer by 2050
Wrapping up the final day of the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel Corp CTO Justin Rattner Thursday during his keynote examined how technology will bring...

Intel discloses Canmore media processor, Yahoo...
IDF: Intel executives introduced the Media Processor CE 3100, touted as the first in a new family of Intel Architecture-based SoCs targeting Internet-connected...
US to lift duty on Hynix DRAM
Following the EU and leaving only Japan as a countervailing duty imposer, the United States is expected to end its duty charge on DRAM from the South Korea-based company...
Video-game market semiconductor opportunities...
While much of the circuitry is still proprietary, significant design wins from the merchant market are proof that the OEMs are opening up more to outside sources for chip...
IP selection and power supplies
The failure to fully embrace just one of the two competing power-analysis standards has caused confusion and uncertainty among IP users about power-strategy...
Electronic-system-level design: Is there fire beneath the smoke?
After years of overclaiming and underperforming, ESL design has a role in many design flows. But has anyone noticed?
On-chip test capabilities solve the analog-test problem for high-speed...
Including analog-test hardware in an SOC provides visibility into the performance of on-chip serial links, helping to ensure signal integrity and reduce the cost of...
Altera, Mentor team up to support avionics, military apps
In support of the growing number of avionics and military applications requiring DO-254-certifiable components, San Jose-based programmable logic device company...
Accellera approves analog, mixed-signal standard
To allow the development of standard and tightly integrated Verilog-AMS modules and allow EDA software tool developers to implement EDA tools without ambiguities in the...
The FlashPoint platform is a complete system design, providing a PCIe interface to high-performance NAND Flash memory. This new platform enables the system to be tuned for optimal performance with differentiating features for a range of products, including PC cache modules, SSDs, and ExpressCard(tm) devices. Contact Denali Software for more information! more >>