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Synopsys delivers semiconductor design software, intellectual property (IP), design for manufacturing (DFM) solutions and professional services that companies use to design systems-on-chips (SoCs) and electronic systems. The company's products enable semiconductor, computer, communications, consumer electronics and other companies that develop electronic products to improve performance, increase productivity and achieve predictable success from systems to silicon

700 East Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043-4033
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About the Author

Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson is the senior manager of product marketing for ARC processors at Synopsys where he is responsible for the HS family and signal processing solutions. Mike has more than 30 years of experience in both the design and support of microprocessors, microcontrollers, IP cores and the development of embedded applications and tools. He has worked previously for Virage Logic, Actel, MIPS, ZiLOG, Philips/Signetics and AMD. He has a BSEE from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from Santa Clara University.